We sniffed, we tasted, we chattered away – and we had a marvelous time doing it. Gin is basically a neutral spirit that is then flavoured with botanicals – herbs, berries, spices, bark, roots, flowers, bits of vegetation, anything, frankly. The use of the term “London Dry Gin” does not, as is generally believed, denote any connection to the city of London, but rather describes a set of regulations regarding quality standards in the production of a Dry Gin. The mere sight of a summation sign makes my heart beat faster! So many flavors, you can truly get the taste of the Black Forest. Coupled with the label that appears to be a large postage stamp of some forgotten Victorian-esque era, it certainly makes an impact. I have to admit that this was absolutely not the way I had imagined things. We filled the trunk of our car with numbered, generic tasting bottles, (our own bottle was still secret, and the design was not yet final), in addition to the somewhat “complicated” taste-evaluation sheets designed by Herr Keller, and proceeded to invite the crème de la crème of German cocktail connoisseurs, mixologists and bartenders to join us in our sensory labors. Contrary to popular belief, cold maceration involves steeping these ingredients at a warm ambient temperature – in our case, around 20 degrees (Celsius). A few days later, I received a production quote along with the minimum quantity we’d have to order. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Für einen Gin wie den Monkey 47 ist es gar nicht so leicht den idealen Partner zu finden. And in my weakest moments (which come along very infrequently, thank God), I am very grateful to Alexander for going through this process with me, and supporting me throughout this period. The commander's original ground-breaking idea for creating a new type of gin was based on combining exotic spices with botanicals native to the Black Forest. We could get started. I never set out to be a schnapps distiller. (And sad to say, we have indeed heard this nonsense very often!) Things were getting serious; it was time to produce the first batch. Fortunately, producers of Dry Gin have to follow more rigorous production guidelines and employ methods that yield higher-quality products. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. By using this site you also agree. But since it is the least expensive method of producing gin, it has proven to be very attractive to producers who are in it just for the money. And so, after this first meeting, we drove back to Stuttgart without reaching any agreement – and we were greatly relieved to have escaped the clutches of this dogma-obsessed distiller. Burger selber machen – Die perfekte Anleitung. Cherries are prized in the Black Forest (ever heard of Black Forest cake?) Für das Servieren könnt ihr aber dennoch ein oder zwei Eiswürfel verwenden und das Glas mit einer Zitronenschale garnieren. Thus, for the exceptional, individual, and perhaps somewhat eccentric flavor of our gin, we use a number of ingredients that do not appear in the recipes for historical English gins. Diese Cookies sind für die Grundfunktionen des Shops notwendig. All Rights Reserved. Of course, I would employ the right tactics, cleverly embedding my tale within a thick layer of flattery regarding his superb brandy. In addition to the spruce shoots, we use other essential ingredients that can be found in traditional Black Forest herbal teas, such as blackberry leaves, (mild sweetness), acacia blossoms (very aromatic honey), hawthorn and dried sloes (astringency), elder blossom (crispness) as well as rose hips (vegetable). Really shouldn’t be a problem, he said; he had a Hummels 2000, after all! In financial terms, our design department was starting to resemble a Bermuda Triangle smack in the middle of the Black Forest. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Also worth nothing this it The Gin Geek’s favourite Gin in the whole wide world. Heavens no. I was quite certain that this plan would serve as an effective deterrent, and send the two gentlemen packing. And when, having quickly set up four makeshift tables in our parlor, we piled up the more than 200 little cans, boxes, and bags with the most splendiferous botanicals from around the whole world, and the fragrances wafted through the whole house, spreading the aromas of a Middle Eastern bazaar, or the dock of the East India Company, well, at that point I had finally arrived in distiller's heaven! The 1960s-era machine I then acquired for this purpose still goes about its work day after dutiful day, creating the rings that crown bottles of Monkey 47. The Monkey had a handsome bottle to call home, the recipe was approved, and the debt I’d amassed to make it all happen promised to be my ticket to going bankrupt with style. I have an all consuming passion for both fragrance and flavour which has taken me on a journey all over the Globe in pursuit of discovering the new and the interesting. And so it is shocking to discover that many experts on gin who have no experience producing this spirit continue to propagate the widespread myth that rectified ethanol, that is, so-called neutral spirits or neutral alcohol, actually has no flavor. It was time for that famed Black Forest ingenuity to work its magic again. London Dry Gin is obtained exclusively from ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, with a maximum methanol content of 5 grams per hectoliter of 100 percent alcohol by volume, and the flavor is produced solely by the re-distillation in traditional stills of ethyl alcohol together with all of the natural plant ingredients used, and the resulting distillate must contain at least 70 percent alcohol by volume. Monkey 47 also just sounds better than Monkey 48, if you ask me, but that’s neither here nor there. This section links which botanicals are used in which gin, what flavour they impart and how to discern them . Looking to amp up your beef stew but unsure where to start? Furthermore, while I thought the gentlemen in their custom-tailored suits were nice enough, I didn't think we were on the same wavelength. (To be strictly accurate, Alexander's father had read the article in question, and thrust it into his son's hand with the words, “Give that guy a call!”). Here, it’s important to know that besides a knack for clever fixes, a sense of obligation to involve oneself in matters that have nothing to do with oneself – you might also call it sheer curiosity – is a trait typical of people from the Monkey’s home region. Instructions: In a mixing glass with ice, combine two and a half ounces of Monkey 47 and half an ounce of dry vermouth (I’m partial to Dolin). Developed in medieval monasteries, where alcohol distilled using archaic methods was flavored with juniper berries in order to mask the low quality and taste of the rotgut liquor, the first transformation occurred when the Dutch began making “Genever,” which was marketed by many physicians as a drug with medicinal properties. And so the decision was made – per l’ordre de Monkey, as it were – to leave our controversial composition in its original form. 1933 bei einem Londoner Cocktailwettbewerb den ersten Platz. Thus, it is the ideal alcohol for carrying flavors in distillates made according to a complex recipe! With the discovery of quinine (a compound found in the rind of the South American cinchona tree) as an effective malaria prevention, which the British armies had to contend with in the colonies, and the consequent introduction of “tonic water,” a soda containing quinine that could indeed be drunk if a bit of alcohol was added to it, gin finally reached the point where it became the base for a number of cocktails and mixed alcoholic drinks. Instructions: In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine an ounce and a half of Monkey 47, half an ounce of 100% tart cherry juice, a quarter-ounce fresh lemon juice, and half an ounce of simple syrup. Also worth nothing this it The Gin Geek’s favourite Gin in the whole wide world. It cost just seven euros to make that old apothecary vessel my own, but my plan was to take it to a glassworks, where it would serve as inspiration for a custom-designed brown glass bottle. Diese Website benutzt Cookies, die für den technischen Betrieb der Website erforderlich sind und stets gesetzt werden. The result is so smooth and multifaceted that it may be my new martini of choice. After the first ten little test glasses, the color in your face starts to get darker; after the next ten, the muscles in your jaws become somewhat stiff, and after 10 more of those little glasses, your palate can't perceive much of anything anymore. Monkey 47 is een complexe gin uit het zwarte woud (Duitsland) die, zoals zijn naam al prijs geeft gemaakt is van 47 botannicals met een alcoholpercentage van 47%. Everything is going to be made by hand, from real ingredients, and the gin is going to be distilled like a macerated-fruit brandy.” Thus, I had the choice between putting my gin-making future in the hands of this character in his overalls and full beard – or to get out of there as fast as possible, which at that moment seemed like the right thing to do! In other words, it was a local group-brainstorming effort that provided the breakthrough idea we needed, and it was a brilliant one at that. Monkey 47 with ice, and ginger ale (are you crazy! This section links which botanicals are used in which gin, what flavour they impart and how to discern them. The whole thing works more or less like this: Long before the rest of the ingredients are added to the maceration, the lingonberries are soaked in alcohol and their aroma is extracted. What exactly was brilliant about it? That's the way it was with me, at least ... and today, I am a distiller with a passion, and practically fanatical when it comes to the pursuit of distilled aromas. Alc 43%, £39.75-£46, Harvey Nichols, Majestic, Master of Malt, Selfridges, The Whisky Exchange, Waitrose, A huge number of botanicals in this Black Forest gin, including many local grasses and plants. And this distillery isn't some factory out there somewhere, but rather a facility where spirits are distilled, by two real people who are passionately devoted to their craft and its very essence. ‘To be exciting.’. Right; those busy bakers, the kind I encountered at Sigi’s Backstüble in Reutin at around 4:30. Ihr findet ihn in immer mehr Supermärkten wie Rewe oder im E-Center. Alongside juniper’s drying pine-needle note, coriander seeds add a bright, shiny, high-toned citrus spice, the citrus peel brings a sweeter, mid-palate citrus lift, while the orris/angelica root hold the whole thing together with a gentle, drying spice/chocolate rumble. Diese wird vor allem durch Gewürze aus dem ostasiatischen Raum erzeugt. Yes, I had underestimated Alexander. Indeed, the unrivaled accumulation of know-how in this German state makes Great Britain, the home of gin, look like a miniature distilling monoculture by comparison. Of course, she didn't know anything about my gin schemes, and I could only answer, “No, I actually have a big alcohol problem!”. I’m not using orange bitters, as the gin has bitter and citrus elements of its own. Experiencing the gin itself was pure bliss, but acquiring those precious fruits posed a real challenge. Percolation, Carter-Head stills, fragile fragrances - why does everything have to be so complicated? It should be noted here that this was not an entirely far-fetched idea, because Alexander actually did know a thing or two about spirits. It seems that there are gins that are produced by mixing together several distillates that are respectively produced using a single aroma (in technical jargon, we would speak here of a mere “blend”). Diese Cookies werden genutzt um das Einkaufserlebnis noch ansprechender zu gestalten, beispielsweise für die Wiedererkennung des Besuchers. Today I would most likely react in a very different manner, but at that time, in spite of my justified skepticism, my curiosity won out, and in the end, the Steins père et fils paid us a visit at the farm in January, 2009. (We are not entirely innocent in that regard!). Botanicals: Wacholder, Zimt, Koriander, Nelken, Kardamom, Ingwer, Paradieskörner, Abelmoschus, Eibischwurzel, Fichtensprossen, Jasmin, Lavendel, Angelikawurzel, Geißblatt, Hibiskus, Rosenknospen, Weißdornbeeren Cranberry, Moosbeere, Kranichbeere, Preiselbeere, Pomelo, Bitterorange, Kaffir-Limette Geschmack: fruchtig, erdig, holzig, blumig, süß, würzig. In our maceration process, we steep botanicals in a mixture of highly rectified ethyl alcohol and soft Black Forest spring water for "one day and two nights", or precisely 36 hours. Finally, I’m using an olive as a garnish, for just a little hint of the savory. Versandkosten und ggf. Credit: During all the distilling and sampling, I simply overlooked a fairly significant detail: I was probably going to need a bottle at some point – but what form should it have, and what about the label and the stopper? We find ourselves in a valley in the Black Forest, just about right in the middle, in the region around the town of Freudenstadt, far away from the big highways and the already halfway-rebuilt big cities that had been bombed-out, during the War. Die Bezeichnung „Distilled Gin“ oder „London Dry Gin“ darf nicht jeder Gin tragen, der Monkey darf es, da er zu den Spirituosenarten „destillierter Gin“ zählt. It is, of course, common knowledge that one should not make assumptions about other people's likes and dislikes based on one's own preferences, and I can understand, with some difficulty, that not everyone loves Excel. Yes, that's exactly how it was. A “carboy,” or glass bottle containing that distillate can still be found standing today in our maturation warehouse. The variety of olfactory data that arrives here is combined into an overall impression. A deluge of debt was already nipping at my heels, and here my illustrious colleague from the south was intent on making it rain. Afterward, the other botanicals are added to the maceration. And it actually worked; my plan was a success. As a child growing up in Stuttgart, I participated at least once a year in the annual “berry harvest” – during the obligatory class trip to a scenic lake, either the “Schluchsee” or the “Titisee.” Armed with plastic bags and special harvesting tools known as “lingonberry combs,” whole school classes would set out to collect the essential ingredient needed to make lingonberry preserves at home. The distillation of herbs, spices, fruits, roots (along with vegetables, honey, mushrooms, nuts, the needles of coniferous trees, etc.) I was in dire need of a bottle that day, and the fates were standing ready to assist. So, I sort of avoided it. It was news to me, and I could hardly believe it: neutral spirits are, quite simply, not neutral, and the joyful expression on my partner's face confirmed it. These were not exactly the best qualifications for becoming a producer of gin – but that, ultimately, was my plan! Due to the differences in our backgrounds and experience (on the one hand, the drinker; on the other, the distiller!) Moin Jungs, klasse Artikel. Nowadays, botanicals are a stylistic choice. I myself, however, was quite shocked when my “small order” of spices, herbs, seeds and roots that we could not cultivate ourselves showed up one fine morning in the form of a truck with six pallets full of marvelous spices from Asia, Alpine herbs, and fragrant blossoms, all of which we unloaded. Nowadays, in an era of political correctness, it seems improper to talk of such things anymore, but back then, this was absolutely a job commonly performed by children, since the so-called “manholes,” that is, the openings in the stills, were too small for grown men to fit through. We also would like to express our very subjective opinions on a number of topics that have to do with gin, and on the yarns and myths that it has inspired. Whether it comes from Germany, Holland, England or Tasmania, whether it's from the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, is quite immaterial. In a complex interplay with the quality of our alcohol and of our ingredients, this process of pre-maceration with lingonberries did indeed represent a decisive advance, and thus in effect, amounted to the “deciphering of the Black Forest DNA code.”. Maturation, which is when a distillate undergoes oxidation, is nearly as essential as the actual distillation, and certainly not a mere afterthought. There was nothing else standing between me and batch number one. You don’t exactly need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the number of botanicals we use is meant to symbolise a composition of aromas that’s as balanced as it is complex. © SizzleBrothers - Feuer und Flamme am Grill Nonetheless, the creation of a well-harmonized recipe presents a particular challenge for a distiller. The key to this eccentric blend, however, is another local staple that seems both surprising and yet made to enhance the right gin. This occurs in a cold maceration. That brings us to the cork – the real showdown of the design process, which culminated in a series of high-pitched phone conversations. I remember the Sunday morning that my sister came to visit us, and arrived to see, standing on our dining-room table, about 80 one-liter bottles containing Christoph's “experiments,” next to a few glasses that had been left there in the aftermath of my tasting sessions the evening before. In the Sicilian community of Sant'Alfio, which lies on a plane of lava that cooled more than 2,000 years ago, pesticide-free lemons flourish thanks to the mineral-rich volcanic soil. Alcohol is an essential and important component in every gin, in addition to water and a number of plant-based ingredients and spices -- or so it should be. In other words, the only way to achieve a really complex, well-harmonized, multifaceted gin is by combining the botanicals in the stages of maceration, digestion, distillation or percolation. Aber auch für den privaten Gebrauch ist der Monkey natürlich gut und schnell zu bekommen. Amazon.co.uk I was enthralled, no, I was obsessed with the idea of producing a Black Forest gin whose aromas would come from local ingredients, and I was determined to breathe new life into an old recipe. ‘Gin must be about a balance of flavours to create one flavour,’ explains James Hayman of Hayman’s Gin. The result is a gin that’s almost unbelievably complex, evolving over and over on the tongue, moving from bright citrus to delicate florals to gently spiced pepper. we would be able to complement each other perfectly in the many tasting sessions and decisions that lay ahead. Some gins have very few botanicals (Tanqueray, for instance, has only four), while others have dozens. 24. As I’ve already mentioned, we use no fewer than 47 hand-picked herbal ingredients to make Monkey 47. Coriander, nutmeg, lavender, all of that, to be sure, could be found, and naturally great quantities of juniper from the Swabian Alb plateau, and also angelica, a native plant which grew all over the area. ‘Pretty much every gin in the world will have four base botanicals: juniper, coriander seeds, a root (usually angelica), and then a citrus peel,’ says Tom Hills of East London Liquor Company. Alkoholgehalt: 47% vol. But may I add in my own defense that in the year 2006, gin was not considered to be a “trendy liquor,” and certainly not a luxury spirit – quite in contrast to the situation today, when every distiller in every wood and dale, every connoisseur, and anyone with a bar at home has, by his own account, become an expert on gin. The very name of it sounded awfully professional to me. Along with bramble leaves and spruce shoots, Montgomery Collins also chose to include angelica, acacia flower, camomile, rose hip peel, sage, verbena, and hawthorn berries in his closely guarded recipe. Alc 43%, £35-£42.99, Co-op, Harrods, Majestic, Master of Malt, Selfridges, Waitrose, Made with 31 botanicals, 22 of them Islay-foraged plants like bog myrtle, gorse flowers and meadowsweet. Januar 2017 | Genuss | 3 Kommentare | sponsored post. And the appeal to his vanity worked. ‘Each distillate was marked and kept on shelves. A good gin will always be a good gin, and a bad gin simply a bad gin, irrespective of geographic location. When I pictured the kind of person who could initiate me into the mysteries of gin-making, I imagined a respectable distiller, a distinguished man in a white lab coat, not some self-taught new-age artisan who looked like the hairy bandit hero of a beloved German children's book, The Robber Hotzenplotz. It's not enough to know how the various substances – fresh or dried, ripe or unripe, ground or whole – taste and smell, and it also doesn't suffice to know what will happen with any one of the given aromas when it is distilled on its own, without any other aromas, or how the aroma in question will develop in the course of the distillation process. In effect, Christoph had put a gun to my head, saying: “If I'm going to get involved, we're going to do everything according to my philosophy. Um BEVBOX in vollem Umfang nutzen zu können, empfehlen wir Ihnen Javascript in Ihrem Browser zu aktiveren. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Stir until very well-chilled — between 45 seconds and a minute — and then strain into a chilled martini glass or coupe. At the point in time where we made our decision, however, there were still four other favorites in competition, so that I had to develop a paradigm we could use for our tastings that would enable us to comprehensively evaluate the distillates. Please enter your date of birth to enter this or any other Site of the Monkey Empire. Da sich Gin als großer Trend herausgestellt hat, gibt es auch viele Bars, die eine sehr große Ginauswahl bieten und in dieser Auswahl darf der Monkey 47 natürlich nicht fehlen, schließlich zählt er zu den beliebtesten und besten deutschen Gins. (He could probably do a better job of explaining this – but sometimes it's better not to let him talk for too long! At the end of 2008, to the general dismay of my family and friends, I did indeed decide to quit my job, and after a number of years spent abroad, including stints in North and South America, I moved back to my homeland, the German state of Baden-Württemberg. And so, anyone who would like to distill gin must find the answers to a number of questions, and have a very experimental nature. What was best – fresh or dried, ground or crushed, or even frozen? If something tastes good, it should look good, too. Required fields are marked *. Distilled gin starts out the same way as London Dry Gin, but flavours can be added afterwards, while cold-compounded gins infuse a neutral spirit with botanicals with no further distilling. In unserem heutigen Beitrag möchten wir euch den komplexen und vollaromatischen Gin genauer vorstellen und geben euch gleichzeitig Tonic- und Cocktailempfehlungen mit auf den Weg. In order to keep the distilling license current, I began in 2005 to distill schnapps. Thus, the enthusiasm of my closest friends and relatives for my new “fixation” was so low that you might say it had hit the freezing point. “Produce today and sell tomorrow” – is that truly the only way forward? I wondered whether it was a gimmick, something to grab attention, and while it was certainly a talking point, would it be a guarantee of a good gin? As a one-time industry outsider with a focus on quality one might call neurotic, you almost can’t avoid stumbling across this type of nonsense. In small years, the foragers take a fair bit of incentivising to go wandering the wilds, beating bushes with a big stick and prices go up…. If you keep scrolling through our blog with an attentive eye, you will come to understand what makes us tick, and why it is that Monkey 47 tastes the way it does. From Holland, the revamped distilled spirit traveled to England, and in the 18th Century it rose to the status of a ubiquitous national drug. Er zählt mittlerweile in ganz Deutschland – und über die Landesgrenzen hinaus – zu den beliebtesten deutschen Gins. Nachnahmegebühren, wenn nicht anders beschrieben. But one thing after another ... to begin with, a number of problems came up, some of which were to be expected, and others that were totally unforeseeable. In the process, we learned once more that innocent bystanders can be caught in the crossfire when one sticks to one’s guns. Besides ensuring the quality of these botanicals, the main challenge lies in blending these fragile fragrances with our gin's more dominant ethereal aromas. Ich habe eine Nachfrage, der Cocktail ist super lecker, aber wodurch wird er rot. Alongside bitter orange and lemon balm, we also use the seeds of the local Angelica archangelica. Gin is everywhere: on A-boards outside pubs and filling up supermarket aisles, dinner parties and drinks lists alike. Ein frischer und würziger Geschmack und Duft. In my own defense I should note that when distilling fine fruit brandies, there is no need at all to choose a neutral spirit, as one must do with gin, which is, technically speaking, a “Geist” as defined by European Union rules. Busted! The lingonberry grows over a wide area in the Black Forest, and the plants are found standing close together, near blueberries, in acidic soil, primarily on mountain ridges in the southern Black Forest. This is the Jaegermeister of the gin world, with a whopping 47 botanicals, you name it, its in there. Bei... Weiterführende Links zu "Monkey 47 Gin 47% 0,5l". But back at home, once again, I couldn't sleep at night. The distillation process we use is a complex one. Baden Württemberg in particular – with more than 23,000 active micro-distilleries! But juniper is the sine qua non of the drink. It was a high-volume business, and prolonged development timelines were not financially feasible. Here, it’s important to recall that the desire to win arguments is the glue that holds differing personalities like his and mine together. After all, this process is all about drawing out and accentuating the nuances of individual ingredients. Basically, we came up that evening with a rough sketch of our perfect gin: a contemporary gin, that is, refreshing, and therefore not heavy with grain, but rather possessing a sweet, floral head note, fragrant, flowery but not overly so, with a fresh citrusy “mezzanine” or interim note, a solid heart note of juniper and intense spice emerging on the palate, complex but well harmonized, and a subtle, fruity base note that would resonate with the kind of persistence normally associated only with fruit brandies. Bei dem Gin, dem 47 Botanicals zugefügt werden, handelt es sich um ein in Schwarzwald hergestelltes Destillat mit einer ganz besonderen Geschichte. And so the choice of ethyl alcohol made from molasses was easy to make, even if the idea came from Alexander, which of course I normally would prefer not to mention. Monkey 47 with ice, and ginger ale (are you crazy! This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Along with conventional maceration and distillation techniques, we employ the principle of percolation, which involves channelling alcoholic vapours through more fresh botanicals using Carter-Head stills. Das Angebot unseres Onlineshops richtet sich an Personen, die mindestens 18 Jahre alt sind.Bitte bestätigen Sie Ihr Alter, um fortzufahren.Hiermit bestätige ich, dass ich mindestens 18 Jahre alt bin. So it comes as no surprise that British gin producers often place their trust in the expertise of southern German equipment manufacturers and the skills of Swabian coppersmiths. But when the time came for setting out on his own path in life, and making decisions about his education, Alexander decided not to go into the family business, but rather, to study business administration with the aim of becoming a top-level, globetrotting manager. I have been on many competition juries, and have upon occasion drunk 50 “Kirschwasser“ brandies, one after another, but that's nothing compared with gin. When we settled on a classification for our gin we made a deliberate choice. We really are not kidding when we explain over and over again that when we were, so to speak, “kissed by the Monkey” about six years ago, we didn't want to create a “brand,” but rather, just a really good gin. That is to say, I overcame my reluctance to plunge ahead with this artisanal gin project, and invited Christoph to visit us at home, so that we could get to know each other better. Spareribs grillen – der Rippchen Ratgeber, Holzkohle – der Ratgeber zum Grillen mit Kohle. Using a hole punch to simulate the perforated edges the finished product would have, we spent a few more weeks squabbling over the right colouring before putting our demons to rest for good in the spring of 2010. had, to our mutual surprise, come to an agreement! This spirit came from France, and contained 96.4 percent alcohol by volume. Es braucht unserer Meinung nach einen aromatischen Partner. Nonetheless, we got along very well with each other, thanks to a few basic things we had in common – that is, our Swabian background and the homeowner's mentality that Swabians are famous for, along with the cultivated irony typical of our generation in Germany.

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