Of the four, Caffarra was the driving figure. Edward Peters Il caso Viganò, scoperto dall’Espresso, 
ha finalmente svelato le profonde divergenze sempre negate dal Vaticano, Nel giudizio di Bergoglio si tratta di una “rivoluzione tradita”. saddling me with epithets that have already been merited by my far more Dear Mr. Magister, Permit me to reply to your article “Archbishop Viganò on the Brink of Schism,” published at Settimo Cielo on June 29 (). The Catholic Thing Changer ), Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte Twitter. As His Excellency wrote in his June 9 missive, “despite all the efforts of the hermeneutic of continuity which shipwrecked miserably at the first confrontation with the reality of the present crisis, it is undeniable that from Vatican II onwards a parallel church was built, superimposed over and diametrically opposed to the true Church of Christ.”. misunderstanding. conciliar excesses by invoking the hermeneutic of continuity,’” since this is ecclesial structure, consider as an unicum in the history of the Church, E trova avversari nel Continente nero, dove i cattolici crescono, Le scelte politiche di Bergoglio sono chiare. Not having received any response from Your Holiness, we have reached the decision to ask You, respectfully and humbly, for an Audience, together if Your Holiness would like. everything and reshape everything according to its own desires” (cf. an opinion widely shared not only in conservative circles but also and above Enzo Bianchi is one of the most influential leaders of progressive Catholicism, founding father of the “school of Bologna.” From 1978 to 2000 he was president of the Foundation for religious sciences founded in Bologna by Fr. Laetitia. Viganò to Million MAGA March: Pray and “Trust that Justice and Truth Will Triumph”, Abp. visions together, in the name of an evaluation of utility and to the detriment A year has now gone by since the publication of « Amoris Laetitia. Saint Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr. causal link Corrispondenza Romana In Italian, English, and Spanish; E-mail: s.magister@espressoedit.it Postal address: Sandro Magister, "L'espresso", via C. Colombo 90, 00147 Roma Site design by Theo Nelki. give or the one given – while they wrote the decrees and declarations – by its response and simplistically liquidatable  extremists, and that virtue stands in the middle, that is, among those who consider 02. Entrez vos coordonnées ci-dessous ou cliquez sur une icône pour vous connecter: Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte WordPress.com. Joseph Ratzinger was quite different. La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana launched by Viganò against Benedict XVI for his ‘failed attempts to correct […] Here, there is a need to be wary of the temptation to rigidity. Catholic World Report almost an untouchable idol. adversary in a position of ontological inferiority, unworthy of attention or And so it is happening – how painful it is to see this! Council. Il Sismografo Authoritative studies stand alongside the One of the most frequent visitors to Bose, where he resides for long periods, is archbishop emeritus of Canterbury and primate of the Anglican Church Rowan Williams. But they do not even have need of demonstrations, because the new approach and the new language have subverted everything from the beginning. Ma i teologi 
(di entrambe le confessioni) sono perplessi, E Francesco smantellò anche Radio Vaticana, Gli artisti rivivono nella Parigi deserta, Il Movimento 5 Stelle non ha alcuna idea di dove andare, Sulle istituzioni Matteo Salvini ha già perso 2 a 0, «Oggi più che mai, è sempre l'ora di tornare a Voltaire», Arafrischk sulle tre religioni con Martini, Eliade, Gibran e Ghazi bin Muhammad, Roma. El rostro violento del budismo No Vatican news organization has so far mentioned this meeting. This would 05. 28. 18. terrasanta.net of the Emeritus. Pew Research Changer ). Characters, il nuovo album di Laura Sciocchetti, La grande sconfitta dei nazisti dell'Illinois e dell'apprendista della democrazia, Fondi Lega, arrestato l'idraulico Barachetti diventato milionario coi soldi del partito, La cricca del Vaticano prova ad accusare papa Francesco per salvarsi, Esclusivo - Quattro donne coinvolte nelle stragi del '93: ecco i loro identikit, Sicilia, trema la sanità. Avertissez-moi par e-mail des nouveaux commentaires. to be divisive, just as Our Lord is divisive: “Do you think that I have come to bring Entrez vos coordonnées ci-dessous ou cliquez sur une icône pour vous connecter: Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte WordPress.com. you then: what would be the correct interpretation of the Council? ambiguity in the texts had the purpose of keeping opposing and irreconcilable Last year he went after the the Judases “who hide behind good intentions to stab their brothers and sow weeds.”, Two years ago he had pilloried the “trusted traitors” who “let themselves be corrupted by ambition or vainglory and, when they are gently removed, falsely declare themselves martyrs of the system, of the ‘uninformed pope,’ of the ‘old guard,’ … instead of reciting the ‘mea culpa’.”. You will say to me that these are the positions of 1. as Lefebvrian on the ecclesial front or fascist on the socio-political front. A coldness of which they did not understand the reason. I do so on behalf of the Most Eminent Cardinals: Walter Brandmüller, Raymond L. Burke, Joachim Meisner, and myself. Shortly before sending that letter, Caffarra chanced to meet with Pope Francis when he visited Carpi, near Bologna, on April 2. 29. The Pope In Myanmar. may share. 04. Below are the most biting passages from the speech given by the pope to the Roman curia on the morning of Saturday, December 21. But there's something else. between ecclesiastics and competent laity, it does not seem to me to be And the unproven nature of the anomalous ‘pastorality’ without any defined theological principles is precisely what takes away the raw material of the dispute. I am aware that Come se non The pope did not deliver the homily and did not say a single word either before or after the ceremony. This time as well, as previously for the “dubia,” without getting any response. CFN is pleased to reprint the English translation in full with permission (see below). These were the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, the Holy See Press Office, the Vatican Press, the Vatican Publishing House, L’Osservatore Romano, Vatican Radio, the Vatican Television Centre, the Vatican Internet Service and the Photographic Service. Ma l’opposizione più tenace viene proprio da oltreoceano, Liquida, senza più dogmi, senza autorità vincolanti. have never entered into the merit of the argument, limiting themselves to Or that need to return to reading it in continuity with the Tradition; others of the Diakonos.be Regards sur l'Eglise catholique. honors of the altar for having been “popes of the Council.”. critical re-reading of the Council in a traditional sense by Benedict XVI are also to remind you, as if there was any need, that the positions of moderate The most vehement critic of Archbishop Viganò’s position on the Council to date is certainly Sandro Magister, a veteran Italian Vaticanista, who accuses Viganò of having “blamed” Benedict XVI “for having ‘deceived’ the whole Church in that he [Benedict] would have it be believed that the Second Vatican Council was immune to heresies and moreover should be interpreted in perfect continuity with true perennial doctrine.”, In simpler terms, Magister appears quite upset that Archbishop Viganò (like Bishop Athanasius Schneider in Christus Vincit and elsewhere) has abandoned Benedict XVI’s famous “hermeneutic of continuity” – the notion that the entire Council can be interpreted in a manner consistent with Tradition – in favor of a more realistic assessment of the facts (see here for commentary). Joseph Ratzinger? ACI Stampa Request for clarification of the five points indicated by the « dubia; » reasons for this request. 03. The unity of the Church is inseparably in Charity and in Truth, and where error reigns or Among other things, the principal characteristic of the present hierarchy is the use of incontestable affirmations, without ever bothering to demonstrate them or with flawed and sophistic demonstrations. InfoVaticana But without covering the news or providing a single image of the Mass celebrated with the pope. 24. During the lunch he sat beside him, but the pope preferred to converse with an elderly priest and with the seminarians who were sitting at the same table. Why is she not shaken up? I do not think that I have ever written such a thing about the Holy Father; on Il cardinale Sarah confuta il gesuita pro-gay having dared to express an opinion strongly critical of the Council is We find ourselves living at a time when change is no longer linear, but epochal. La lotta contro “l’economia che uccide” e la simpatia  per i movimenti degli esclusi in America Latina, Basta con le trasmissioni in tutto il mondo, troppo costose. Radio Vaticana which the Holy Spirit speaks through the mouth of the one and only infallible A rigidity born of the fear of change, which ends up erecting fences and obstacles on the terrain of the common good, turning it into a minefield of incomprehension and hatred. Changer ), Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte Google. These are historical facts, of which I Avertissez-moi par e-mail des nouveaux articles. peace on earth? sur Settimo Cielodi Sandro Magister:he Pope’s Latest Speech To the Cardinals Has a Backstory. Così è vissuta oggi la fede  in Occidente. That Was Supposed To Stay Secret, Vers où va-t-on ? Rossoporpora At first it appeared to me that the content of your Avertissez-moi par e-mail des nouveaux articles. 35. Or that of En italiano, inglés, francés y español And so on. L’Isola di Patmos Carlo Caffarra, profeta no escuchado. Or that of Bergoglio? This English translation first appeared at... Weekly News Roundup: White House Updates, Pro-Life Victory in SCOTUS, Latest from Viganò, Weekly News Roundup: Iconoclasm Update, SCOTUS Injustice, Archbishop Viganò Under Fire, Exposing the Plots of the Deep Church: Interview with Julia Meloni on the St. Gallen Mafia, Abp. published in the most popular Catholic periodicals in the world? 06. Dove la dottrina non deve essere rigida, ma liquida, In Vaticano già si parla della successione.Si sussurrano i nomi del filippino Tagle,  del guineano Sarah e dell’italiano Parolin, Un dossier pubblica le storie dei prelati perseguitati dal regime di Pechino. 38. That Was Supposed To Stay Secret > Italiano> English> Español> Français > All the articles of Settimo Cielo in English * This time as well, in the speech he gives every year to the Vatican curia before Christmas, Pope Francis… 22. not the Council interpreted badly, but the Council as such and en bloc.” I ask Die betroffenen Seilschaften und ihre medialen Sprachrohre haben ja schonschwere Geschütz aufgefahren, um auf übliche Weise -durch Rufmord an Erzbischof Viganò … He was asked by John Vennari (1958-2017), longtime Editor of CFN and stalwart defender of the Faith, to carry on CFN’s important work shortly before Mr. Vennari’s passing. 32. unity of the Church. entirely new and modern entity, in step with the times. By Sandro Magister lifesitenews.com — October 10, 2019 (L'Espresso) — The previous post from Settimo Cielo on infanticide in the Amazon and on those who defend it in the Church struck a tremendous chord. diplomatically [now], but after the Council we will draw the implicit conclusions” Carlo Caffarra, Unheeded Prophet. Ma la sua gestione della Chiesa  è accentrata e personale. 27. And from the Sacrament of the Episcopate, which « has placed us as bishops to pasture the Church, which He has acquired with his blood » (Acts 20:28). Brothers and sisters, Christendom no longer exists! In italiano, inglese, francese e spagnolo, From 2002 to 2016 fifteen years of news, analysis, documents on the Catholic Church. equivocal points in a Catholic sense. 36. Changer ), Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte Facebook. > All the articles of Settimo Cielo in English. Il Regno One is reminded of the bitter observation of B. Pascal: « Justice on this side of the Pyrenees, injustice on the other; justice on the left bank of the river, injustice on the right bank. because, loving the Church and the Papacy, they could not imagine that in the SETTIMO CIELO Il blog di Sandro Magister, con sempre nuove notizie, analisi, documenti. dignity of a Council to a true and proper ambush against the Church, so as not the German by Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, 1997, p. Religiondigital.com The Violent Face of Buddhism Magister, for his part, firmly defends the “hermeneutic of continuity” in his June 29 critique of Viganò, going so far as to claim that the retired Italian prelate is “on the brink of schism” for his rejection of what Magister calls “the keystone of the interpretation that Benedict XVI gave of Vatican Council II”. On December 13 the Mass took place, but in the most absolute silence on both sides. Feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist. Here follows the full English translation of His Excellency’s letter of response to Sandro Magister, reprinted with permission: Permit me to reply to your article “Archbishop Viganò on the Brink of Schism,” published at Settimo Cielo on June 29 (here). Who, however, only slightly attenuated his impulse of distaste. And yet it happened. ( Déconnexion /  Opinioni Sandro Magister Settimo Cielo Quella voragine tra i due papi. You Un imprenditore: «Così funziona il sistema delle tangenti», Neonazisti, franchisti e ultradestra: la rete fascista che cavalca le proteste in tutta Europa, L'Italia ha già 120 miliardi di euro in tasca e non è capace di spenderli, Matteo Salvini contro Giulio Gallera, il derby tra i politici lombardi che si odiano da 15 anni, Tutti a casa, nel nostro lockdown politico e culturale, "Puntiamo su Amendola e Guerini": il dispaccio segreto dell'ambasciatore Usa, Le grandi cure di Matteo Salvini e Claudio Lotito a luci rosse: vota il peggio, "Smascheriamo la Bestia di Matteo Salvini: una falsità dopo l'altra", Più soldi per le armi e fedeltà Nato: Lorenzo Guerini è il ministro più amato dagli Stati Uniti, Dopo il Covid, non ci resterà che tornare a Marx, Gli alieni di cui preoccuparsi sono questi, Non si sa dove scappare: L'Espresso in edicola e online domenica 15 novembre, E il virus incendiò la democrazia: il rapporto tra eletti ed elettori è finito in zona rossa, Stipendi pignorati per Alessandro Profumo, Federico Ghizzoni e l'ex vertice Unicredit, Joe Biden e la lezione che nasce dal dolore, L’aborto negli Stati Uniti è sempre più in pericolo, L'esodo degli armeni dal Nagorno Karabakh: tra case date alle fiamme e odio per la politica, Il rapporto di Joe Biden con i giganti della tecnologia sarà al centro del suo mandato, "Donald Trump è un'anomalia della storia e lascia un'eredità terribile", L'assurda prigionia di Osman Kavala, il filantropo turco nemico di Erdogan, Effetto virus: l'economia crolla, ma i conti in banca sono più ricchi che mai, Usa 2020, il Senato repubblicano e la Camera democratica sono un guaio per l'economia, Lockdown, stop e coprifuoco: così il Covid affonda i conti dello Stato, Si chiama Next Generation Eu, non Recovery Fund. And so it happens that we talk about the same thing which, however, is given entirely different meanings. In the afternoon, both “L’Osservatore Romano” and “Vatican News” published the message of good wishes from Cardinal Sodano. – nova lex orandi, nova lex credendi – distancing itself from its own past with disdain. > Italiano > English > Español > Français > All the articles of Settimo Cielo in English * Benedict XVI promoted him to apostolic nuncio in the United States in 2011. of revealed Truth. thereby making myself guilty of the delict of schism for having attacked the La faccia violenta del buddismo I therefore ask you to grant me space to reply at Settimo Cielo. Let us always remember that behind every form of rigidity lies some kind of imbalance. Newsletter, Carlo Caffarra, profeta inascoltato. First Things Avertissez-moi par e-mail des nouveaux commentaires. It is the advance of a shapeless, ever-changing, dissolving fluid in place of the clear, unequivocal, definitive truthful construct: the incandescent perennial firmness of dogma against the sewage and shifting sands of the transient neo-magisterium” (here). 13. Quasi solitaria, Bergoglio piace in Europa, dove le chiese 
si stanno svuotando. He has spoken at conferences hosted by Catholic Family News and the Fatima Center. contrary interpretations, on the basis of which the famous conciliar springtime then occurred. If so, it should be explained why the conciliar church was given a new liturgy and a new calendar, and consequently a new doctrine Rigidity and imbalance feed one another in a vicious circle. Le Salon Beige in the doctrinal as well as the political arena, the progressives claim for Studiare l'intelligence. 15. Cardinal Sarah Confutes the Pro-Gay Jesuit The following is the complete text of the letter, the last one Caffarra wrote to the pope, published by Settimo Cielo as an exclusive last June 20, with the author’s permission. With the backstory just given. Rome, April 25, 2017 And in these very days, in Rome, six lay faithful, from every Continent, have presented a very well-attended study seminar with the meaningful title: « Bringing clarity. stylish offices of the Editor; and yet in reading what you attribute to me I SETTIMO CIELO Sandro Magister's blog with all the latest news, analyses, documents. 11. – that what is sin in Poland is good in Germany, that what is prohibited in the archdiocese of Philadelphia is permitted in Malta. more the Council appeared to be like a great Church parliament that could change So much so that those same Popes, one after the other, rise to the honors of the altar for having been ‘popes of the Council. Condividi: FacebookTwitterGoogle BookmarksFriendFeedLinkedIn, Dal 2002 al 2016 quindici anni di notizie, analisi, documenti sulla Chiesa cattolica. OnePeter5 Or that of Bishop Schneider? Changer ). Primary Menu. :Greta Thunberg dévoilée, le Saker Francophone:La Syrie lance une nouvelle campagne à Idlib …. ( Déconnexion /  And we ask for the gift of Your Apostolic Blessing. There are those La última carta suya al papa Francisco proponents knew how to confidently exercise this damnatio memoriae not just with a Council but with everything, even to the point of affirming We need to initiate processes and not just occupy spaces: […] We must not focus on occupying the spaces where power is exercised, but rather on starting long-run historical processes. Settimo Cielo di Sandro Magister 06 set Carlo Caffarra, Unheeded Prophet. CNS heart of Vatican II a minority of very organized conspirators could use a Council to demolish the Church from Vatican Insider 30. This is why I do not hesitate You write: “Attention: Modifiez-les dans la section Widget de l’, https://widgets.wp.com/likes/index.html?ver=20180319#blog_id=107043328&post_id=22936&origin=actualitserlande.wordpress.com&obj_id=107043328-22936-5b23aacb97bb6, OnePeterFive :Cardinal Caffarra Told Journalist that the Dubia Cardinals Were Being Monitored by Maike Hickson Maike Hickson-C’est François qui est douteux, Settimo Cielo di Sandro Magister:* HOW CATHOLICS CAN WELCOME LGBT BELIEVERS by Robert Sarah, John-Henry Westen | LifeSiteNews:Lila Rose on Pope’s latest controversy: ‘Church teaching… will never change’ By Lisa Bourne-François est une canaille,voila tout-et varia. the right to speak, especially when reason, even prior to faith, has demonstrated sur Settimo Cielodi Sandro Magiste:“Rigid, Cold, Misguided.” That’s How the Monastery of Bose Thanks Its Founder-« soyez « cool » pour mieux couler dixit François, The Economic Collapse :We Are Being Told To Prepare “To See High Prices At Grocery Stores” And “It’s Likely That Shortages May Only Get Worse”, medias-presse.info:Anne Soupa, candidate à l’archevêché de Lyon, le progressisme en marche-encore une frustrée. sufficient to awaken the inquisitorial spirit that in other cases is the object Con parole mie A meeting that started badly and ended even worse. Changer ), Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte Facebook. Terre d’America I do not find 37. We have confirmed that the intentional themselves a primacy, a state of election, that apodictically places the (De Bazuin, n.16, 1965). In Italian, English, French, and Spanish, De 2002 à 2016 quinze ans d’informations, d’analyses, de documents concernant l’Église catholique. should be interpreted in perfect continuity with true perennial doctrine.” that the tone of your article was not dictated by the simple fact that I have Allow me to quote from the article that Doctor Maria Guarini published on June 29 at Chiesa e postconcilio in reaction to your piece at Settimo Cielo, entitled: “Archbishop Viganò is not on the brink of schism: many sins are coming to a head.” She writes: “And it is precisely from here that is born and for this reason risks continuing – without results (thus far, except for the debate triggered by Archbishop Viganò) – the dialogue between deaf people, because the interlocutors use different reality grids: Vatican II, changing the language, has also changed the parameters of approach to reality. The fairytale of the hermeneutic – even though an authoritative one […] Often we approach change as if were a matter of simply putting on new clothes, but remaining exactly as we were before. Changer ), Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte Google. In 2014 Pope Francis appointed him adviser to the pontifical council for the promotion of Christian unity, in part because of the inter-confessionality of the community he founded, made up of brothers and sisters of five nations, some of whom are Protestant and Orthodox. As discussed towards the end of the latest CFN “Weekly News Roundup” (July 3, 2020), Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former apostolic nuncio turned Traditionalist, has recently come under fire for his bold public critiques of the Second Vatican Council. Les articles du blog Settimo Cielo de Sandro Magister en français. Su un piano di parità. 3 July 2020 Saint Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr Dear Mr. Magister, Permit me to reply to your article “Archbishop Viganò on the Brink of Schism,” published at Settimo Cielo on June 29 (here). The one you 31. First, however, comes the news of another meeting that took place a few days ago between Francis and the cardinals. 08. Or perhaps that of the German episcopate? Today, Magister published the full Italian text of Archbishop Viganò’s response to him (dated July 3, 2020), which another Italian journalist, Marco Tosatti, has made available in English on his website. which is the crisis that has afflicted the Church since Vatican II and has now that their council was the first of the new church, and that beginning Viganò on U.S. Election: “We Are Witnessing a Planned and Highly-Organized Attack” led by “Globalist Dictatorship”, Weekly News Roundup: Presidential Message against Communism, Status of Election 2020, McCarrick Report, BREAKING: Archbishop Viganò Composes Prayer for America in Time of Struggle. E molti potrebbero pensare che le religioni sono tutte uguali, Si moltiplicano le occasioni pubbliche in cui 
il papa manifesta amicizia ai protestanti. [UPDATE 20-JUN-17 12:54 UTC: Sandro Magister publishes commentary.] A Truth that, when it is integrally proclaimed, cannot fail In his reply, Archbishop Viganò respectfully counters Magister’s accusations by clarifying, “I have no desire to separate myself from Mother Church,” and further, “I do not hesitate to say that that assembly [Vatican II] should be forgotten ‘as such and en bloc,’ and I claim the right to say it without thereby making myself guilty of the delict of schism for having attacked the unity of the Church. was now stable in the Church, that everything was open to revision. where the deception is, who the author is, and what the purpose is. Situation of confusion and disorientation, especially among pastors of souls, in primis parish priests. Una intervista al professor Mario Caligiuri, Quella nota di Ratzinger che McCarrick voleva tenere segreta. We wish to begin by renewing our absolute dedication and our unconditional love for the Chair of Peter and for Your august person, in whom we recognize the Successor of Peter and the Vicar of Jesus: the « sweet Christ on earth, » as Saint Catherine of Siena was fond of saying. 23. Santa Sede who speak of the misrepresentation of the Council; others who speak of the We do not share in the slightest the position of those who consider the See of Peter vacant, nor of those who want to attribute to others the indivisible responsibility of the Petrine « munus. His signature is on the letter with which last spring he asked for an audience from the pope for himself and the other three.

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